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    Momma Knows Best - "Sunday Nihilist" Official Music Video!


    by BlankTV

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    Band Name: Momma Knows Best
    Song Title: Sunday Nihilist
    Album Title: Consistency is Overrated (due Spring 2013)
    Genre: alternative hardcore
    Band City / Country: Prague, Czech Republic
    Director Name: Igor Zacharov
    Director Link:
    Producer Name: Igor Zacharov
    Producer Link:
    About The Video: Video by: Igor Zacharov (

    Music&Lyrics by: Momma Knows Best
    Vocals by: Richard Boot and Damien Ellam of The Artifex Project
    Recorded&Mixed by: Matej Turcer - Ihear Studios
    Mastered by: Allan Douches - WestWestSide Music

    Official "Sunday Nihilist" Press Release

    Link to video:

    "Sunday Nihilist" is the first video/single off of Momma Knows Best's forthcoming LP "Consistency is Overrated" planned for Spring 2013. The song most eloquently represents the new artistic direction and sound the band will be pursuing on its first ever full-length. The reason there is no vocalist in the video (all vocals are courtesy of Richard Boot & Damien Ellam of The Artifex Project) is simple - it is an official vocalist audition announcement! All details regarding the audition are available at Momma Knows Best is currently set to embark on a month long European tour in March with their fellows Archetype (UK) to support the new release. Dates still available, in case of interest please contact Damian Ekman,

    - Momma Knows Best

    booking: Damian Ekman,

    Band Biography: Eclectic hardcore/metal bunch Momma Knows Best based in Prague, Czech Republic had been rehearsing together as a desperate three-piece long before their well received debut EP "Ain't No Weight Young Lad Can't Take" was released in 2010.

    In October 2011, the band released a single "Not-a-Blink" featuring host vocals from Liam Cormier of Cancer Bats. The year 2012 was filled with gigs home and abroad, and saw the release of band's latest material to this date "Sunday Nihilist" - first single & video off of the forthcoming debut LP planned for Spring 2013. Also, MKB's official vocalist audition is announced (more info:

    2013 shall bring the long awaited debut LP "Consistency is Overrated" followed by a full European touring frenzy with their fellow venue-crushers Archetype (U.K.) in March. If there's electricity and a floor to sleep on in your god forsaken town, expect MKB melting your face soon.

    Primary Website:

    Song Lyrics: Sunday Nihilist

    Damn you've learned the memes so well - I couldn't tell you apart if u killed me,
    Oh well done well done my son...
    Good for you, there's no better thing you could do
    If you can't belong just imitate, go ahead and play it safe.
    Down here, the fine line between the true and the truest of fakes got snorted away.
    If you can't make it love make it pity at least
    You only give to take along the way, quit shaking head, saying it ain't so.
    it's just ok, it's what we do, you know it sounds like alibis we just could use to meet - to make ends meet for both of us,
    Relieve the feeling of disgust from trying to keep the temple clean
    If you're out for a hand
    You're looking at the wrong man's door

    We give to take along the way, quit shaking head, saying it ain't so.
    It's just ok, it's what we do, it's all but new to you, to you, to you, to you, is it?
    To hell with all your acts of kindness, man was born a wolf to man.
    And your moral frown won't do a thing
    With our nature at the reins
    Better get over this / this battle can't be won

    Just try to prove me wrong

    Does it sound too familiar?
    I hope it does because
    What a stack of non--sense I may laugh at some day. A high caffeine rant of a Sunday nihilist.
    A Monday's fool a million times (falsette?). A high caffeine rant of a Sunday nihilist.(an outburst of feelings (or))

    A high caffeine rant of a Sunday nihilist. Make me happy and erase all of this. erase all of this!

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