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    Sree Hanumadh Bhujangam

    Hanumath Bhujanga Stotram

    Prapannanuragam, prabha kanchanabham,
    Jagat geetha souryam, thusharadri dairyam,
    Thruneekruthya hethim ranodhyad vibhoothim,
    Bhaje vayu puthram, pavithrath pavithram.1

    I pray that son of the God of wind,
    Who is the holiest among the holy,
    Who loves his devotees,
    Who shines like gold,
    Whose heroism is sung by the world,
    Who is as heroic as the cold mountain,
    Who made the fire, look as small as the grass,
    And got incomparable fame in the field of war.

    Hanumath bhujangam prabhatha prayathe,
    Prayane pradhoshe padan vai satopi,
    Vimukthwagha sangha sada rama bhaktha,
    Kruthartho bhavishyathyupatha pramodha. 19

    He who reads this prayer of Hanuman,
    Either after dawn or before dusk,
    Even if he is an adamant sinner,
    Would get rid of all his sins,
    Become a great devotee of Lord Rama,
    And Would become greatly happy,
    And also would be greatly proud of himself.

    Recited under the guidance of Dr. R. Thiyagarajan, H.O. Department of Sanskrit