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Suffering From Swollen Lymph Nodes and Headaches? (Lymplex)

5 years ago271 views

Swollen lymph nodes that appear with a headache, while not always a medical emergency, could be compared to the double warning of flashing lights and a siren. It’s a signal from your body that it’s time to pull over unless you want to run the risk of getting into worse trouble!

Not a disease in itself, swollen lymph nodes with a headache is typically a warning of a more serious condition. Swollen lymph nodes are what most of us call swollen glands and when accompanied by a headache can signify the beginnings of serious illness such as tonsillitis, West Nile virus, chronic fatigue syndrome.

Even more worrying is that these symptoms can indicate severe, life-threatening illnesses like AIDS, anthrax, and mononucleosis. However, if you have this condition don’t panic…yet!

The human body has some miraculous defense mechanisms in that whenever we become ill, it warns us of impending trouble with various symptoms such as your lymph nodes being swollen. In fact, one of the body’s first lines of defense is to warn us with pain or swelling – think of it as a kinda of early warning system for your body.