Ignition by Chris Smith - Magic Trick

World Of Magic

by World Of Magic

Available from http://www.world-of-magic.co.uk
Ignition is a key that can penetrate any borrowed object - a bill a sugar packet even a spectators sleeve. Yet when you rip the key out theres no hole no rip and no damage You can pass the key and the borrowed object IMMEDIATELY for examination - theres only one key. They wont find anything because Ignition is a REAL CAR KEY that can withstand the closest inspection - even by a locksmith
Ignition is always on you. When not in use it travels inconspicuously on your key chain. But when youre ready to perform theres no fumbling - just detach it from its quick release carabiner (included) and your set to perform.
The handling is so easy anyone can learn it in minutes. Theres even a quick start method that will get you performing immediately.
Ignition can be performed anywhere - surrounded. Its good for table hoppers magicians on-the-go and those spur of the moment situations when someone asks to see something.
Ignition comes with an instructional DVD that teaches 3 different routines
Key through bill
Key through sugar packet
Key through shirt