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    Fun With Matches Vol.1 by Wild-Colombini Magic (DVD) - Magic Trick

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    NOTHING-TO-DO MATCHES (George Blake and Ken de Courcy) A match is inserted in each fist of a spectator one match head down and one match head up. When the spectator opens his hands the two matches are now both the same way up
    BACK BACK AND RESTORED (Ken de Courcy) A match is broken into three pieces. Two pieces are dropped into the left hand and the head goes into the pocket. The left hand is opened and all three pieces are there. This is repeated. At the end the match is restored
    THE TWO THIEVES (Anonymous) You tell a story of two thieves trying to steal chickens while you are using matches. At the end the spectators will have a big surprise
    PENETRATING MATCHES (Martin Gardner) You show two matches one in each hand. The matches seem to magically melt through one another
    MAGIC MATCHES (Joe Hustler) A card is covered by matches. One card is selected. You tip the card with the matches over and six matches are seen to reveal one card (say KH) The name of the selection
    TWO-LINE DIVINATION (Ken de Courcy amp Murray) You divine the amount of matches left on the table while your back is turned
    MATCH-UP (Ron Batteridge) A box of matches and ten cards are shown. A number between 1 and 10 is freely selected by a spectator by removing matches from the box and the card at that number is shown to have been predicted on the box of matches
    THE THREE-PILE DIVINATION (Martin Gardner) While you are not looking a spectator lays out three piles of matches. He shifts matches from one pile to another. Nevertheless you know how many matches are left on the table
    MATCHED PREDICTION (Trevor Lewis) You place a box of matches in view. A spectator removes any amount of matches and this amount determines a card from the deck. That card was predicted by you
    SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE (Werner Miller) You show three boxes of matches and a spectato