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    Amazing Self Working Card Magic by Wild-Colombini Magic (DVD) - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    All these routines are performed with no sleight-of-hand are totally impromptu and use only a few cards They contain new principles easily adaptable to other effects.
    SIMULDU A person rips five cards in half and splits them in two packets. One card is selected. The two packets are dealt at the same time and only two halves match The selected card
    THIRTEAM Great routine and unique principle. Cards are shuffled and dealt in pairs. Each pair totals 13
    REMARKOBO You predict a number reached apparently totally at random
    ENTERFORCE You reveal a selection under what seems impossible conditions with a previously written prediction
    FACEY Cards are torn in halves. A freely selected card finds its matching half. This can be used with ESP cards as well
    NAME 6 This is a very clever routine in multiple phases that use a name of a spectator
    HUMSKIL A very unique routine with a triple prediction climax that will floor your audiences
    ROYALEEZEE You reveal FOUR freely selected cards. You will like the principle behind this routine and you will use it often in other effects of this kind
    ROYLE HOYLE A truly powerful routine using the face cards (Kings Queens and Jacks). It may be done with ESP cards as well
    22 IS IN Cards are shuffled and dealt and you reveal two predictions which involve the number 22. Once again a principle that can be used in other effects