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    Ben - Sans Bowl by Steve Marshall and Alan Wong - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    An oriental variation of the Benson Bowl routine done with a Japanese rice bowl a pair of chopsticks and three pieces of sponge sushi looking good enough to eat
    Featuring Alans handmade sponge sushi and full original funny routine by Steve Marshall even includes a lesson on how to use chopsticks Using the chopsticks as your magic wand sushi keeps disappearing and reappearing under the bowl and finally turn into a real burger (supply your own burger)
    Comes complete with (except the burger) a Japanese lunch box cloth wrapper a Japanese rice bowl a pair of chopsticks a set of sponge sushi (comes either in salmon tuna or prawns) and full instructional DVD.
    Perfect for close-up parlor table hopping and restaurant work. Cloth wraps everything up according to Japanese tradition and opens up as performing surface. Starts and ends clean.