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    Project by Shiro Ishida (DVD) - Magic Trick Demo 3

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Shiro Ishida is an outstanding magician and performer. He is also a magic adviser for many Asian stars and TV shows. Unlike traditional magic performances Shiro Ishida adds the latest technology and fashion into his magic. With fifteen years of experience performing magic Shiro perfectly combines magic and performance together into modern day miracles. This DVD is highly recommended
    1. The Juice
    An amazing street magic effect. A liquid transposition between two cups. You must learn this routine. Totally amazing
    2. Ghost Rising
    Shiro Ishidas perfect way to do the rising card routine. After two years of work he finally came up with this astounding method. You can raise many cards at the same time the speed can be entirely controlled by the magician and no elastic string or glue is needed. The spectators card will rise slowly and eerily.
    3. Visual Link
    Two signed card Linked together in front of your eyes. Great for performing silent Many magicians have been blown away by this routine..
    4. Jump
    Borrow a coin and let the spectator sign it. The coin disappears immediately. And it appears inside the card sheath hang on the magicians neck from the beginning. This is a totally visual and impossible looking routine
    5. Angry Triumph
    A perfect close up routine. A total improvement over the traditional Triumph routine. It combines many other effects in order to make this a more powerful routine. Great thinking
    6. Worm Hole Again (WHA)
    You have to see to believe No special setting and everything can be signed. Enjoy the screaming...
    7. Dragons thru
    Street Magic at its best An impressive visual effect with two bills go that seaming melt though each other.
    Shiros ACAAN
    Impromptu Berglas effect. The deck is borrowed. No setting no gimmick and can be performed anytime anywhere.