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    100 Years Ago Today - January 25, 1913

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Here are 5 news stories from around the world 100 years ago.

    What was happening in the world one hundred years ago?

    Number 5 – The beauty industry is worth billions today. Even 100 years ago, people were willing to go under the knife for cosmetic reasons. Popular treatment at the time - artificial dimples near the the corner of mouths. The process involved a small cut made into the skin and it'd cost you $26 to $52.

    Number 4 – A fire caused the Brooklyn Bridge to shut down during rush hour traffic - yes they had rush hour in 1913 as well. The small fire had smoldered unnoticed among ropes in a temporary tool house. By the evening hours, it had burst into flames.

    Number 3 – Patent and calf leather shoes were the style for men back then. The high end footwear was listed on sale from Gimbel Brothers ranging from $2.85 to $4.75 a pair.

    Number 2 – Most of us fear bears today. But believe it or not, a story on that day covered a bear being served in Hotel Astor, where alumni from the University of Michigan were having their annual dinner. The animal was brought on the shoulders of four waiters. And it was shot by a former university president.

    Number 1 – A former Washington speaker, Mr. Cannon was declaring his list of great men while debating with others over using President Lincoln’s name as a promotion for a road project. He noted that 100 years from January 25th, 1913, everyone will know about Washington and Lincoln but will have to look up in archives to learn about him.