SUCK 2009 JPN Trailer Rob Stefaniuk


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Delightful to a lock lover.
Alice Cooper was appearing, and the scene of the movie was inserted in it when Malcolm McDowell was young.
the University of Tokyo president of the 60s said "Young man!. You shall be the hungry wolf!"
I'm interesting that young filmmaker who regards that time.
-Japanese-ロック好きには、嬉しい作品です。Alice Cooperが出演していたり、Malcolm McDowellの若い頃の映画のシーンがこの作品に挿入されていました。60年代の東京大学学長が「若者よ! 飢えた狼であれ!」と言いました。

Directed by Rob Stefaniuk
Produced by
Robin Crumley
Jeff Rogers
Victoria Hirst
Written by Rob Stefaniuk
Rob Stefaniuk
Jessica Pare
Malcolm McDowell
Iggy Pop
Alice Cooper
Cinematography D. Gregor Hagey
Editing by Michele Conroy

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