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    CGR Undertow - CATHERINE review for Xbox 360


    by CGRundertow

    Catherine review. CGR Undertow presents a video game review of Catherine from Atlus on the Xbox 360, and also available on Playstation 3. Fall in the dream and don't wake up, and you die. That's the rumor going around 32 year old Vincent's town where many men are waking up dead with terrified looks on their faces. Each dead man had been feuding with their wives or girlfriends or being unfaithful to them, and in a cruel way to pay for their cheating ways, must scale a horrifying tower of large blocks, while other men seen as sheep try to push them off in their own scramble for the top, where freedom is promised. Vincent becomes a new lost lamb in this mad climb upwards in his dreams after a night of heavy boozing and sleeping with the woman of his dreams; an action his girlfriend of 5 years may not take kindly too. Vincent's life begins to fall about as he tried to scale this huge tower in is dream and solve his dilemma of which woman he truly loves in this horror-adventure-puzzler from Atlus. This video review features video gameplay footage of Catherine on the Xbox 360, and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Jonathan.