Glee Cap: "Sadie Hawkins" 04x11 Recap "No Scrubs" "Baby Got Back"

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It was Ladies Choice on the latest episode of Glee that saw lots of new characters and McKinley High's first Sadie Hawkin's dance. Welcome back to ClevverMusic, here's your Glee Cap for Season 4's "Sadie Hawkins" episode. The New Directions are still upset after losing Sectionals to the Warblers, and Sam is convinced they cheated to win. During the McKinley High student council meeting Tina proposes they hold their first ever Sadie Hawkins dance. Finn takes a cue from Tina and gives the Glee club "Ladies Choice" as the song theme for the week. Every girl will sing to who they want to take to the dance.
Over in New York Kurt is settling in to NYADA and decides to join a club to make some friends, so he joins the Adam's Apples men's show choir. Rachel tries to talk him out of it saying that the Adam's Apples are social suicide. However, little does she know Kurt has a crush on the club leader.

At Glee club, Tina performs her choice song from Jesus Christ Superstar "I Don't Know How TO Love Him", and surprises everyone with her choice to ask Blaine to the dance. He says no. At NYADA, we see the Adam's Apples woo Kurt into the club, by performing an awesome version of "Baby Got Back" check this out.

For their assignment of the week, Brittany and Marley sing the old classic song "Tell Him" to encourage Marley to ask Jake to the dance. Tina and Blaine make up and decide to go together as friends to the dance. Kitty persuades graduated Puck to go with her since Jake is going with Marley.

At the Sadie Hawkins dance the boys of Glee sing TLC's "No Scrubs" and it's kind of rad, here's a peek.

The girls show them up at the dance performing their version of Bruno Mars' "Locked Out of Heaven". During the dance we find out the Warblers have been using steroids which helped them win Sectionals. The boys of Glee decides to take them down. Rachel and Brody are officially falling in love and Rachel asks him to move in with her. Marley and Jake decide to commit to each other, and Blaine and Tina have a good time at the dance together. We find out Tina is in love with Blaine. What do YOU guys think of Blina? Let us know! Thanks for watching our Glee Cap, be sure to subscribe to ClevverMusic so you don't miss any future recaps! I'm Misty Kingma in Hollywood, see you later.