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    About the Video: school assembly themes 2013 for Canadian students, The Mosquitos Suck Tour

    The Mosquitos Suck Tour is a school assembly theme that teaches students about how they can help reduce the spread of malaria in less developed countries.

    The school assembly program is performed in an energetic and funny presentation that both educates and informs students. Most of all it gives the students a way to act and make a difference, thus teaching kids to become global citizens.

    The Threat of Malaria around the World

    Many people who live in North America or Europe aren't aware that malaria is still a very dangerous and widespread diseased in quite a few undeveloped countries. Because it is still a dangerous disease, when traveling to these areas of the world, you must be prepared. Understanding a little bit more about malaria is good information to know; we will be presenting symptoms and treatments related to this parasitic disease.

    Worldwide, malaria has led to the death of millions although treatments exist today that can help combat this parasite. Some people will get symptoms that will lead them to believe that they have malaria, although prevention is the best cure. Preventing malaria in under developed countries is the focus of this school assembly themes 2013.

    For more information on great school assembly themes 2013 and how to book the Mosuitos Suck Tour call us today 416-877-3570.

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