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    Artist Draws on Refrigerators

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    View the works of an artist who draws on his fridge.

    Sure, fridge doors are the frequent display spots for children’s artwork and family photos.

    But one remarkable artist is using the exterior of his freezer as a canvas. Philadelphia based, Charlie Layton is a well-established freelance designer.

    The fun and unique project is dubbed ‘Freezer Friday’. Layton states “my freezer surface is made of dry erase board, every Friday morning I spend 25 minutes to try and draw something clever.“

    The drawings are then photographed and posted to his Tumblr page. One of his comical works features a box of labeled fish sticks that has a hook stuck in it.

    The drawing resides on the freezer’s upper door. An eager, hungry shark is depicted underneath on the fridge, giving the appearance that it is swimming upwards towards the fish sticks.

    Another doodle shows six penguins sitting around a circular table playing cards. The drawing is surprisingly detailed given the artist’s time frame, as the gambling chips and the cups partially filled with beverages can be made out.

    Although Layton doesn’t sell his fridge works, he is looking into the possibility of making some prints.

    How do you like the artwork?