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    Man Wants to Rid New Zealand of Cats to Save Birds

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    A man wants to rid New Zealand of cats to save birds.

    Cat lovers in New Zealand are not happy over a new proposal.

    Economist Gareth Morgan has initiated a website called ‘Cats to Go’.

    He wants people to consider making their current cat their last one. Morgan states “That little ball of fluff you own is a natural-born killer”.

    He is claiming that kitties in New Zealand are destroying native wildlife and the area has to steer clear of cats. Morgan has an issue specifically with the bird population. According to him, cats are responsible for the extinction of nine native bird species.

    Morgan also says that kitties murder native birds faster than they can breed.

    While Morgan's proposed solution may be extreme, a 2011 study performed by the American Bird Conservancy found that cats kill somewhere between 500 million and a billion birds every year.

    80% of bird deaths were discovered to have been caused by predators and half of the preying culprits were domestic cats. As a solution, the conservancy encouraged kitty owners to keep their pets indoors at all times.

    What do you think of Morgan's recommendation?