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    Tokyo Restaurant Offers $110 Dirt Meal

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A Tokyo restaurant is offering a $110 dirt meal.

    A restaurant in Tokyo, Japan is offering a multi course meal that has an unusual special ingredient: dirt. (1,2,1)

    They are offering the meal with various dishes like potato and dirt soup, sea bass with a dirt risotto, dirt gratin, salad with dirt dressing, dirt mint tea and dirt ice cream on the menu. (1,2,2)

    The meal costs the equivalent of one hundred ten dollars. (1,1,2)

    The restaurant’s chef Toshio Tanabe was trained in France and won a cooking show with his dirt sauce. (2,2,2)

    The dirt is tested to make sure it is fit for human consumption before it is used as an ingredient. (1,4,2)

    While this may seem unusual, there are people all over the world who eat dirt, (3,3,1) a practice known as geophagy. (3,1,2)

    Interestingly, pregnant women have been known to get a craving for eating dirt. (3,1,1)

    A study polled pregnant women from all over the world and found that anywhere from 30 to 60 percent of pregnant women in parts of Africa admitted to having a desire to eat dirt. (3,8,1)

    Would you eat dirt?