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    Florida Family Allowed to Keep Therapy Pig

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    A Florida family has been officially allowed to keep their therapy pet pig.

    Keeping a pet pig isn’t an easy thing to do with city ordinances.

    However one family in Coral Springs has recently won a battle with local officials.

    The Ray household is keeping their therapy pig named Twinkie.

    The ordeal started several months ago.

    8-year-old Kason Ray, was suffering from emotional issues and speech delays due to Down’s Syndrome. After extensive research due to allergies in the home, the parents decided to purchase a Juliana pig, as pets are said to have a positive effect on social problems.

    And Twinkie proved it, mellowing Kason out. The family contacted city officials to ask for an exception, but they were initially denied the request.

    The dispute has been ongoing but in a letter dated January 18th, 2013, the city attorney wrote that the Rays were now allowed to keep Twinkie without going against any ordinances.

    Local officials decided to reconsider the request if medical documents were provided concerning Down’s Syndrome and the family’s allergies.

    In the end, Kason is legally keeping his beloved friend.