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    Le 3 fevrier,Pour notre Revolution

    Richard Azzouz

    by Richard Azzouz

    To whom it may concern;
    We the Amazighs,the first inhabitants of North Africa; have fought the French,the Spaniards,and the Arabs slaves of this Allawite dictator DOG,at the same time,and since 1912,when they had to run for their lives from the Amazighs,and to call in the re enforcements of the French,and the Spaniards,who we hold today responsible and accomplices.
    Today the OCCUPYING traitors slaves are calling themselves "Saints" these agents of the French and the Spaniards colonialists,who have subjected us to marginalization,starvation, and negligence in our proper land Tamazgha,since 1912.Today again I call on the Amazighs,and the democrats of the wide free world,to come to our help,and to understand our history,at the hands of the treacherous satanists,occultists fascists colonialists French,and the Spaniards,and their Arabs slaves-agents,the tugs,who are oppressing the Amazighs on their own proper land of Tamazgha.These enemies of humanity,used poisonous gas to subdue the Amazighs in the war of the Riff.. Collectively;They massacred over one million of my people,in order for them to write the history of this bloody Morocco,Morocco of this occupying family of fanatic traitors,who want us to worship them under the auspicious lies of Sainthood? Their agents Izlam scientists proclaimed them as the pure blood of the descendant of Allah,or something of that sort as in holly-shit. And so this Holly shit Queen of Morocco today,is killing,starving,and confiscating our lands,as he pleases,or as his mafia of mobsters,associates drug dealers, the so called administration of collaborators desires.A total draconian regime of top racists-criminals,are running day to day affairs of this occupied land,called ''Morocco''. TAMAZGHA
    We demand justice,transparencies,revisions of our true history,without the falsehood of the occupiers,and the investigations of their treason, and crimes against humanity.
    As well as the rights of the Amazighs to independence,on their own proper land TAMAZGHA,free of CUMBERSOME Arabs dictatorial-savageries,and fanaticism.
    Thank you. By;
    Richard Ben Azzouz Hawari;
    Chairman of the Amazighs congress in Exiles;
    Film maker;Artist Painter,writer,journalist,and a
    U.S.A Major G.S 12.