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    Roholt Vision Institute "Refractive Eye Surgery"


    by mojovid2012

    Dr. Philip Roholt
    Roholt Vision Institute
    (877) 689-5205
    5890 Mayfair Rd.
    N. Canton, OH 44720
    Thanks to advances in technology, refractive surgery has improved dramatically. Dr. Philip Roholt [ROE-holt] and the Roholt Vision institute remains the leader in providing the latest technology in refractive eye surgery in Northeast Ohio.Roholt Vision was at the forefront of LASIK and Z LASIK procedures in Ohio, and was the first practice in the Midwest to perform Zyoptix [zye-OP-tix] Wavefront-guided LASIK, and eyetracking to increase safety and improve results. And we continue to lead the way with the most recent advance called “Epi-LASIK.”At Roholt Vision, our physicians and staff are committed to providing you with the best care, customized for your individual needs.