Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball Concert REVIEW

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Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)
Government Hooker
Born This Way
Black Jesus + Amen Fashion
Bloody Mary
Bad Romance
Fashion of His Love
Just Dance
Love Game
Electric Chapel
Heavy Metal Lover
Bad Kids
The Queen
You and I
Born This Way (reprise)
Poker Face

The Edge of Glory
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Listen up Little Monsters and monsters-in-training! We attended Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball concert in Los Angeles and here's our review of the show! You're watching ClevverMusic. Lady Gaga stopped in Hollywood during the North American leg of the "Born This Way Ball" tour and we were pleased to get invited to the Ball on January 20th to see all the action. During the show Gaga said, "This is our last human moment before ARTPOP," her anticipated new album, however, upon stepping into the concert venue we only saw envelope pushing performances and concepts from Mother Monster. During the show Gaga said she wanted us to have a "Lady Gaga hangover in the morning," and that was an understatement. The show was an elaborate production with tons of choreography, remixed songs, brilliant singing, elaborate stage props, and eyebrow raising performances. Here's our review.

After two opening acts, Lady Gaga took the stage around 8:30 to "Gaga" chants coming from the crowd. Mother Monster entered from her three-story castle riding a mechanical unicorn and did a lap around the stage before she started singing "Highway Unicorn". Here's a peek.
That was followed by her song "Government Hooker" which we thought set the tone for the night. Dressed as an alien the performance was raunchy and provocative with Gaga spreading her legs wide open while lying down and eventually pretend-killing her male dancer predator.

After that, things got even weirder when she sang "Born This Way" giving birth to herself by emerging from a giant blow up womb, essentially being "born" again. During her track "Bloody Mary" Gaga took a break from her intense dance moves by riding around on some sort of mechanical dress that moved her about the stage, with two Gaga clones following her.

The Ball got a little more lighthearted when Gaga sang her first hit song "Just Dance" and encouraged everyone to remember where they were the first time they heard it. Can you remember? We can. During "Just Dance" she played her pink keytar on top of her giant stage castle. Throughout the entire concert Gaga invigorated the crowd to dance as hard as they could and at one aggressive moment shouted, "I know there's a lot of rich people here tonight but you need to get your f***king p****** off the floor." Only Gaga could get away with saying that, and she did.

Soon after Gaga performed "Heavy Metal Lover" and morphed into a Gaga-motorcycle, followed that by delivering her first monologue of the night which included the message "don't give a f*** what people think about you." It wouldn't be a Gaga concert without some crowd therapy and inspirational messages.

In a slowed down moment of the show, Gaga sweetly dedicated "The Queen" song to her friends Elton John, his partner David, and their son Zachary, revealing she actually wrote the song about her gay friends, not herself. At one point during the show the jumbotron showed former NSYNCer Joey Fatone who was in attendance and Gaga collaborator Azealia Banks was rumored to be in attendance as well.
After an astounding 23 songs that were sung incredibly, Gaga exited the stage, only to return for an encore of "The Edge of Glory" and "Marry The Night". To recap our review, we thoroughly enjoyed the Ball's creativity and artistry. Each song was hard to sing along to due to Gaga performing it however she felt like it that night, often taking breaks mid song to talk and then starting up again. The sign of a true music artist. We love that Gaga is herself and makes no apologies for it.

I want to give a shout out to the two Little Monsters who found me at the show and said hello to me: Johnny and Anthony! If you want to see the full set list from the Ball in LA, just see the description down below. Let us know if you've gone to the Ball or if you want to go! I'm Misty Monster, keep it locked right here on ClevverMusic for more reviews and music news. Bye guys.