IDOL CAP: Nicki & Mariah Fight Was Over "The Country Thing" American Idol

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Last night's American Idol episode saw Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj's epic blow-up air on TV and we find out what started the feud. Here's your IDOL CAP from the auditions in Charlotte, North Carolina broadcast from the famous Charlotte Motor Speedway. Odd contestants start out the auditions, including one named Joel who insisted upon lying down on the ground as he sang the classic song "Feeling Good". Needless to say, he did not make it through.

Halfway through the episode we finally see what really happened the day Nicki and Mariah had their big on camera fight. Innocent auditioner Summer came in to sing Bill Withers "Lean on Me" and Nicki really liked her. Summer explained her sound saying, "I did the Country thing," which offended legendary Country singer Keith Urban. Mariah agreed with Keith's sentiment, so she started asking Summer tons of questions about her musical background and started to pick her apart which visibly annoyed Nicki, check this out.

Summer then exits the room and shortly Nicki storms off set saying, "You're right I can't help her maybe I should just get off the f***ing panel," to Mariah's delight who smirks, "ʺThat was my move, I was going to do that the next time she ragged on me...ʺ So it seems the feud was escalated due to Nicki believing the judges were doing the contestants a dis-service and picking them apart. The production shut down for the rest of the day after that drama, and started up again the next day.

At the first audition the next day the judges act civil and it's as if nothing happened. The day's theme is #Nickinames. Nicki takes it upon herself to nickname each contestant who comes in to the room. We see a montage of Nickinames emerge and some of our favorites are "Collard Greens" "Jumanji" and "Boobie Trap". One of the final auditions and our personal favorite of the night was Mom Seretha who brought her daughter London in the audition with her. Seretha sang her version of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song which we thought was awesome, check it out.

They also have Seretha sing another song, an Alanis Morissette song and it brings Nicki to tears. Of course, she was sent through to Hollywood. So in the end, the big Mariah and Nicki fight was not as explosive as the media made it out to be and only time will tell how the relationship between the judges on the panel really is. We can't wait for the live shows. What do you think of their fight? Do you think it was real? Thanks for watching our IDOL CAP, be sure to subscribe so you don't miss any American Idol recaps. I'm Misty Kingma see you next