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    Man Pushes Shark Back Into Sea


    by NTDTelevision

    A man pushes a shark back into the sea after finding it on tourist beach.

    A man in Australia pushed a shark back into the sea, after it was seen swimming in shallow waters near beachgoers.

    The 6-feet long Dusky Whaler shark was spotted near a beach in Caloundra on Queensland's Sunshine Coast on Friday, causing some tourists to panic.

    After being pushed back into deeper waters, the shark stayed in the area for a while, before swimming further out to sea.

    Tourist Tash Kimlin said she shouted out to her two young children when the alarm was raised.

    [Tash Kimlin, Tourist]:
    "Do you think you want to get back in the water again?"

    Tourist Liam Murie was asked if he was thinking twice about getting back in the water.

    [Liam Murie, Tourist]:
    "At first, sort of, but now no. It's too good not to miss."

    Experts concluded that the shark was likely to be sick and that was the reason it swam so close to shore.

    The dusky shark can reach 14 feet in length and 765 lb in weight.

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