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    Cell Phone Radiation: Facts & Health Risks You Should Know (Radiation Meters)


    by radiationprotection


    The recent studies and debates have made to prove one simple fact again and again that higher the growth in technology, greater is its harmful effects. A well known and widely used example is the Cell phones. It seems that besides the extreme benefits of cell phones, they have a simultaneous or parallel link that is directly proportional to harmful effects too.

    But it is a quite natural truth that the cell phone companies are never going to accept the flaws of their side. There are still harsh debates going on between the two sides. The ill effects caused by cell phones are cent percent proven though there are still people who argue and justify that the cell phones have none other than positive aspects alone.

    Over the two years of time continuous experiments are ongoing to reveal the shocking truths about the radiation hazards of cell phone radiations to the world. One of the basic ideas that cause extreme danger to the biological system is that actually these cell phones operate on amplitude modulated signals.

    Since these signals operate on lower frequencies it results in generation of heat that deteriorates the calcium layer of the brain. This depletion of the brain membrane leads your one and only brain to drastic changes that will ultimately destroy the brain function for sure.

    Apart from this primary hazard there are still loads of harmful effects that queue up regarding the impacts of danger. Since these communicative bodies have become one of the inseparable parts of our daily life it is very essential for everyone to be aware of the ill effects that alarm your health. The upcoming hazardous effects of cell phone radiations are damage to visual parts like retina, deterioration of white blood cells, muscle disorders, rashes, radiation from the cell phone can cause DNA damage and impair the DNA repair process.