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    Intoxicated Couple Arrested at Applebee's for Endangering Toddler

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    An intoxicated couple is arrested at an Applebee's for endangering a toddler.

    Being a parent means serving as a role model to the child…however that’s not always the case.

    Recently a couple from Louisville was arrested at an Applebee’s. Police arrived at the restaurant after receiving a report concerning two intoxicated people with a three-year-old boy.

    Witnesses had allegedly seen the 27-year-old mother unconscious in the restroom. When officers found her, she was trying to sniff a narcotic, which she identified as heroin.

    The woman’s 32-year-old boyfriend was discovered drunk sitting in the driver’s seat of the couple’s vehicle with the 3 year old child in the back. The man admitted to doing heroin several hours earlier and driving with the toddler in the car.

    The pair was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a minor and public intoxication with a controlled substance.

    Last year, a Washington couple was pulled over for speeding. The officer immediately noted a smell of marijuana. When the trooper searched the car, he discovered more prescription drugs and paraphernalia including a spoon with heroin remnants.

    The cop then opened the trunk and discovered three small kids, aged 8,7 and 5 along with a dog residing inside. The couple was arrested and the children were placed in the hands of Child Protective Services.