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    Man Attempts to Force Fiancé to Swallow Ring


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    A man attempts to force fiancé to swallow her engagement ring.

    There are certain times when a woman should abruptly end a relationship.

    Recently a 29-year-old Florida man, Faron Thompson was arrested for battery via strangulation and child neglect.

    According to police officers, they met with Thompson’s fiancé at a Wal-Mart parking lot. The woman claimed an argument started at the couple’s home when she began talking about moving some of her belongings out of the house and placed her engagement ring on the counter.

    A physical fight ensued and the lady alleged that Thompson had held her and tried to force the ring down her throat and pushed her against a wall while she was holding an infant.

    He then pushed her out of the house with the child, who was only wearing shoes and a diaper. Thompson was later arrested. He told the officers that, “women always claim assault, but never accept responsibility for provoking someone”.

    Last year, another woman contacted police, claiming that she had escaped from an apartment complex. She had severe injuries including a collapsed lung and broken ribs.

    Unbelievably, a part of her ear was also missing. The father of her child, 24-year-old, Joseph Sidney Hall Jr. from Tulsa was arrested for domestic violence, kidnapping, battery and maiming. The ear portion was discovered in Hall's pocket.