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    Massive Goat Cheese Fire Shuts Down Tunnel

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A goat cheese fire breaks out in a Norway tunnel.

    Goat cheese - whether you are a fan or not, it's hard to imagine that it can lead to the closing of a tunnel.

    But that's exactly what happened in Norway.

    A recent blaze released toxic gases, lasted for five days, and made cleanup a major problem for officials. The fire originated from 27 tons of caramelized goat cheese that caught fire as it was being transported.

    According to a police spokesperson, the high amounts of sugar and fat in the cheese causes it to ignite and burn if it gets hot enough. The lorry driver who was carrying the delicacy noticed the fire and abruptly left the truck about 1,000 feet from the tunnel entrance.

    Thankfully no one was injured.

    In 2011, another cheese toting truck caught fire.

    Authorities believe the blaze originated from a defect in the lorry but nevertheless the flames quickly spread to the 24 tons of cheese that the truck was carrying.

    The incident occurred on a rural road in Somerset and fire personnel were able to successfully tackle the blaze.