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    Tota Weds Maina - Episode 6 - 21st Jaunary 2013

    Amazing Videos

    by Amazing Videos

    Maina requests Tota to sing a romantic song on their first wedding night. Tota feels shy but finally the unforgettable moment comes when Tota looks at Maina for the first time. Maina plans to go on a romantic ride with Tota. Will Tota fall in love with Maina? To know more about Tota and Maina watch this fun loving episode.

    "India is much diversified country. It is said that in the whole world, India has different strata of people, caste, language and religion which are staying together with harmony. Just like that, we see one of the unique houses known as, "Tiwari Sadan" of Pratapgarh in the heart of Uttar Pradesh. As we say that all fingers are not similar in a hand likewise in Tiwari family, people have different traits which bring us the elements of slice of life. This story depicts some of the funny elements of Totaram Tiwari and his dysfunctional family.
    Tota is a very shy, honest and simple person who wishes to become a CA. He is our underdog protagonist. But Maina is totally