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    Fluke Ti32 Ti 32 Infrared Camera Thermal Imager


    by dm_5100b79d689ee

    101 views - Brand new Fluke Ti32 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera. Best bang for the buck camera on the market today! 320x240 resolution, 50mk thermal sensitivity, 600C temperature range, built in picture in picture and infrared fusion of images over digital image. The new Fluke Ti32 features a powerful 320 x 240 sensor into the rugged, award winning design of the Ti10 and Ti25, producing the first high performance, industrial grade thermal imager. The result is detailed, strikingly crisp images that, coupled with Fluke's patented IR-Fusion, are inevitably going to make a lasting impression. In these hard economic times, we are forced to do more with less. This new IR imaging camera will enable Fluke customers do exactly that. All for under $9,000.