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    Symphonic Dueling Orchestra: Slay-Per-View (General Rules for PS3 & Xbox Live!)


    by Main_Event_TV


    3 Round Set/Winner must take 2 out of 3

    No spamming, No Infinites, No Glitching, No Lag Switching. If said player attempts such, this leads to automatic disqualification.

    If a violation of other rules happen that a player has caused, said player forfeits the round.

    Character Selection: Should be random, unless both players agree to terms. If said player wins a set, winner sticks with that character, but the loser must change that character randomly after said set. (So as you can see, it juggles from set to set, you're literally playing to keep your character)

    This means players have to become versed with every character, becoming a more complete player, which also gives the game longevity (this is how a game survived back in the day, not bringing out a new edition with dlc)

    I'm sure we've all seen the online Ken complaints when SF IV came out. It also gives the fights more uncertainty. You're taking the gamble, but if you win you get to keep your character. If you lose, you have the opportunity to bump off the opposing players selected character reverting everyone back to random.

    Players are not allowed to stop a game in progress (if you have an emergency, that's understandable)

    Stage selection will be Random, unless both players agree on a specific stage

    No trash talking, friendly barbs/spats ARE allowed though. No cursing, no racist banter, no sexist banter, no death threats or physical violence towards a player. No suggestions of suicide. Take your loss like an adult, have fun and give each other a GG afterwards.

    Competitor matchups will be randomly picked out of a hat

    The Brotherhood of Gaming:
    Black Preon: (Xbox Live)