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    Baby Elephant Rescued After Falling in Well

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    by Geo Beats

    A baby elephant is recued after falling into a well.

    Due to more and more deforestation, habitat for many animals is changing. And that puts them at risk as they move around.

    Recently, a baby elephant fell inside of a well in a village in Eastern India. The nearly 12 feet deep well is not used by local villagers and is covered with bushes, meaning that the animal may not have seen it.

    Thankfully, locals were alerted of the incident and dug a slope using earthmoving equipment which allowed the elephant to crawl out, after spending 12 hours inside of the well.

    The determined animal abruptly headed towards the nearby forest.

    Last year, a female baby elephant got stuck in a five-foot hole at Amboseli National Park in Kenya. Her mother stood nearby, helplessly crying out to her eight-month-old calf.

    Rescuers tied a rope around the baby elephant and attached the other end to an SUV. After a few minutes, they were able to pull the calf out.