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    Cruise Ship Rescues Sailor

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A cruise ship rescues a sailor.

    An ocean voyage is a dream for adventurous folks. But for solo sailor, Frenchman Alain Delord it turned out to be quite nightmarish.

    The 63-year-old was recently rescued by a cruise ship after spending two days adrift in a life raft. Delord has been attempting a round-the-world trip when the mast on his yacht broke in Australia.

    A distress call was issued but his location didn’t allow for a helicopter rescue. However, a cruise liner, ‘The Orion’ responded, making a 50 hour detour to save him.

    He was yanked from the waters just before the sun was fading. Delord was in good spirits and perfect health.

    He was given food, toiletries, clothing and accommodations on the cruise ship. The hotel manager of the Orion states “His eyes popped when he saw the suite, he was not expecting anything so big and luxurious. He is very much overwhelmed, and on a huge high, I guess.”

    Last year, a cruise ship was involved in another major rescue. The Disney Fantasy had been sailing to Grand Cayman when crew members spotted four men in a tiny raft. The males were given medical attention along with food and beverages aboard the 130,000 ton liner.