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    Kimberley Doom on The Business Spotlight P4 Dallas Attorney with Lloyd Ward & Associates

    Patrick Dougher

    by Patrick Dougher

    24 views Kimberley Doom on The Business Spotlight P3 Dallas Attorney with Lloyd Ward & Associates tell who is her ideal client. Social Media specialist Kathy Brandon shares some best practices for attorney's to reach their audience.

    Patrick: Welcome back to the Business Spotlight. I'm Patrick Dougher. My guest today is Kimberly Doom of Lloyd Ward & Associates, They're a boutique law firm. She's an attorney specializing in family law and business law in the Dalas/Fort Worth Area especially.
    In this segment, I think you'll get a lot out of it. Even if you're a business owner just trying to grow your business, you're going to get a lot out of the fact that we're going to talk about who is your ideal client, Kimberly?
    Kimberly: Wow. If I get to cherry-pick just my perfect client no client is going to be perfect because we're not perfect people but really the clients that I love to work with are the ones who really just want to do the divorce with dignity. You walk into a marriage usually with dignity and you want to leave with dignity.
    It just doesn't really have to be as difficult as some people make it and an attorney can set the tone and make or break that. I really want to work with clients who have proper expectations and who just really want to be dignified in the way that they go about handling a divorce.
    Patrick: But aren't most adults kids in big clothing?
    Kimberly: Yes. Yes, they are.
    Patrick: The average American emotionally stops aging at about 14. How does that show up when you have to deal with?
    Kimberly: When people come to see me, they're usually on a broken spot and I expect that. But there's a process that you move along, and really there are two transactions. There's an emotional transaction to divorce and there's a business transaction to a divorce. I'm there to help them with the business transaction.
    But the way that I'd like to handle it is you get a little counseling, you get a little business stuff because they're not completely separate. But some people really don't want to move along the process. Some people just want to stay back here and not move forward. But if you want to handle it with dignity, especially when there are kids involved and really you owe it to the kids to just make it as good as you can make it.
    Patrick: I have to admit, having been through a divorce, the theme song that's going in my mind is that Alfred Hitchcock's ee-ee-ee. Just ouch. What are some of the pieces in bringing people together that you really shine at?
    Kimberly: I think where I really shine is because I can relate and I went through one of those divorces real early. At the beginning and at the end, it's a process and it's moving then through hearing them and sometimes you have to give them a little tough love and tell them things they don't want to hear.
    You can't bd take. Some things you want to give on, some