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    Kimberley Doom on The Business Spotlight P2 Dallas Attorney with Lloyd Ward & Associates

    Patrick Dougher

    by Patrick Dougher

    19 views Kimberley Doom on The Business Spotlight P2 Dallas Attorney with Lloyd Ward & Associates talks about her services. Patrick Dougher and Marc Harty talk to her about brand management and the importance of reviews from your clients on the internet.

    Patrick: Welcome back to the Business Spotlight. I'm your host, Patrick Dougher. My guest today is Kimberly Doom, an attorney in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area with Lloyd Ward & Associates at You're going to love this interview because Kimberly has been working in the family law as well as the business law in the DFW area and she can serve all of the state of Texas. Thank you so much, Kimberly.
    Kimberly: Thanks again for having me.
    Patrick: I want to get into in this segment what you guys are doing to create the success you're having. We talked a little bit about Lloyd Ward being a boutique. But what else are you guys doing that makes you guys so unique in the marketplace?
    Kimberly: I think mostly what we do is give really good client service. We can relate to the clients, we listen to the clients and listen to what they're wanting, and more importantly we help set the expectations of what they can expect, what the process is like, because the legal world is very, very scary unless people don't understand.
    What is very important is they understand what is going on and this is what you can expect and this is how what you're asking for measures up against the expectations so that we're not promising something we can't deliver but that we can work really hard to achieve their objectives.
    Patrick: I know that that's a big part. Some of the areas of expertise that you guys deal with?
    Kimberly: The firm as a whole deals with business law litigation, corporations, incorporations, transactional items any of those things we can service.
    Patrick: I even saw oil and gas law.
    Kimberly: Yes.
    Patrick: Do you guys do anything with the real estate area and things of that nature?
    Kimberly: We do transactional work. Anything that a business is going to need we can service. We can do that work for them.
    Patrick: Awesome. Welcome back on the show, Marc.
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