Kimberley Doom on The Business Spotlight P1 Dallas Attorney with Lloyd Ward & Associates

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Patrick: Welcome to the Business Spotlight. I'm your host, Patrick Dougher. We have a fabulous show today. I wanted to bring in a specialist in the legal field. You're going to love Kimberly Doom. I affectionately call her the Doom inator but that's probably what her opponents end up calling her because they're dealing with a very experienced attorney with Lloyd Ward & Associates. They serve the Texas area. I know she's done a great deal of work in the Dallas and Fort Worth Area.
Kimberly, I just want to say thank you. Thanks for being on the show.
Kimberly: Thanks for having me.
Patrick: I'm really excited about this because you have a really unique story. You specialize in family law, but you do a lot of other business type law as well.
Kimberly: Yes.
Patrick: Tell me your story. How did you decide to choose to be an attorney?
Kimberly: It was one of those things when I was in high school. I went to a great high school. I was lucky enough to go to Kentucky Girls State where the girls go and run for office, and my high school had a very strong program where you're expected to run for something. So I chose to run for attorney general. I got there and I ran a campaign. I spoke to about 700 girls, I loved it, and I won. I decided that it was fate and that I should be an attorney because I was the general attorney at Girls State.
Patrick: In your practice, I know you're doing a lot of family law. I always love to call you The Doom-inator and part of that is because I've been through a divorce before, I know that it can be very, very painful and you need to have somebody that's skilled. How does the law profession and how does that story apply to you?
Kimberly: I think I do a really good job of relating to my clients because I am the child of divorce, I raised a stepchild in my marriage, and I am divorced. So I've been through it from almost every aspect you can go and walk the walk. It really helps me relate to my clients.
Patrick: I would imagine that's a huge deal too, because when you get in front of somebody and you tell them "I know what it means; I've been there," that gives you that authority. Doesn't it?
Kimberly: It does. The most things that people want to know is that you hear them and that you understand what they're trying to say.
Patrick: With your firm, you guys do a lot of different things. How would you describe Lloyd Ward & Associates?
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