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    Vasectomy - "Blood Stained Chains" Official Music Video!


    by BlankTV

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    Band Name: Vasectomy
    Song Title: Blood Stained Chains
    Album Title: Blood Stained Chains EP
    Genre: Death Metal
    Band City, Country: Murska Sobota, Slovenia
    Director Name: Matej Kolmanko
    Producer Name: Company ARGO

    About The Video: It is our first and official video from our first EP called Blood Stained Chains.

    Band Biography: Vasectomy is a death metal band from Murska Sobota, Slovenia. Patrik Ritlop (vocals) and David Matjašic (guitar) met in a secondary school in Radenci. As friends they had a vision of a band. After a few months they started looking for a drummer, who also went to the same secondary school. Leno Kaj Lainšcek joined the band as the drummer. After thinking who would be the second guitarist, the band had chosen Luka Kutoša, which was already acquainted with the vocalist. The band started with the rehearsals in July, where they had chosen the name »Vasectomy«. The logo was made by David Matjašic. In the proces of writing new material for their first debut album they released an EP called Blood Stained Chains. The first full length debut album should be released in year 2013.

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    Song Lyrics: Blood dripping from the wall
    No screams, No Noises
    Dead corpses Covered in blood
    The smell of death

    She was a whore so I killed her

    Killed,raped and tortured
    In a place with no lights
    This time the bitch must die
    Blood on the wall forever

    Cunt left to die
    Making her way the death
    Cuting her in 200 piecies
    Blood Stained Chains

    Mass torture inside
    The operation room
    No tool is wasted
    Blood floods the room

    From the Eyes I see
    The cry for forgivnes
    This young heart will
    Bleed in my hand
    Time to die is now

    I am satisfied with my work
    Chains of blood in her mouth
    Smashed the face on the ground
    Bloody knife I lick

    As night falls
    I put the bloody tools on the wall
    My heart is still pumping
    And my veins are red

    Before the time has come
    To Bury another day
    I put my slave back in the cage
    I tie her with Blood Stained Chains

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