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    Talk to Al Jazeera : Uhuru Kenyatta: 'Not a banana republic'

    Al Jazeera English

    by Al Jazeera English

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    Folly Bah behaves as if Uhuru is guilty.She should interview him in a more humane way not the way she did because its like she is taking sides and actually give him time to express himself.Kenyans know what happened and also know the people behind everything and are ready to vote the duo as the next leaders.I thunk this is another project aimed at demeaning our next president by the way she is asking the questions.The world will be shocked when finally the light comes out that indeed Uhuru was innocent.Folly,you deserve to be in Hollywood not in any political arena whatsoever.Congratulations to Uhuru because once again you have proved your brevity as pertains to bringing peace and undeterred support for justice.NEXT PRESIDENT OF KENYA.The ones supposed to be in ICC are just vying for the same and am sure they have played a role in this interview.GOD BLESS KENYA.
    By dm_5106df39706cc3 years ago