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    《 完美新世界 》Wan mei Xin Shi jie ( The New Perfect World ) MV- JJ Lin [ Spanish Subs ]


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    《 完美新世界 》 [ Wan mei Xin Shi jie ] (The New Perfect World) { El Nuevo Mundo Perfecto } MV- JJ Lin [ Pinyin + Spanish Subs ]

    Original title:《 完美新世界 》
    Pinyin title: Wan mei Xin Shi jie
    English title: ( The New Perfect World )
    Spanish Title: El Nuevo Mundo Perfecto
    Album: 《 She Says 》
    Singer: JJ Lin ( 林俊杰 )
    online game song "Perfect New World" which is an inspirational anthem about protecting our Earth.

    JJ Lin like a seeker & Phoebe a mystic in this MV

    Even more JJLin is a NPC in the version China of this game

    1:33 -1:38 & 1:49 - 1:55 making JJ Lin NPC in the link above

    This is the theme song of the latest expansion from "Perfect World " an online game or MMORPG , the name of the new expasion is:

    - "Perfect World 2012" (PW CHINA)
    - Perfect World International : "Genesis" Expansion (PW INTERNATIONALl)

    Perfect World: Genesis
    An ancient Pan'Gu prophecy has foretold the destruction of Perfect World:

    "There will be a time when the beautiful world will cease to exist as we know it today.

    The land of Perfect World will suffer destruction the likes of which has never been seen. The world will be torn apart, leaving massive crevasses across its surface. The oceans will rage with turmoil and the tides will swallow everything in their path. The races of the world, thrown into chaos, will not understand what is happening to their beautiful world."

    The time of the prophecy has come.
    However, within the depths of the underground, an ancient race (The Earthguard) of people with arcane powers and innate psychic abilities has foreseen the coming of this post-apocalyptic world. In knowing the future, they have dedicated their lives to prepare for such a day. The time has now come for them to emerge from the underground. They must join the other races of Perfect World and fight alongside them through the coming disaster.

    This race The Earthguard has 2 classes - "Seeker" and "Mystic"

    Perfect World Story

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