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    The U.N. Deception - Full Film - JBS


    by US-2012

    A modern look at the machinations of global tyranny, robber barons, and megalithic corporations at work through the disguise of the "United Nations." You will see clearly here how the UN has operated as a benificent-looking facade for genocide and conquest, destruction and oppression. In this film is also a warning, about the methods and objectives planned for total world domination by the UN in the future - the crowning achievement hoped for by its Black Nobility overlords.

    The UN and the Occult Agenda

    Powerful Paedophile Ring Linked to Parliament Exposed - How the Globalists Bribe and Blackmail Your Government

    Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement (2007)

    UN Seizure of United States - Relocation and Depopulation Under AGENDA 21

    Don't be fooled. They're not just pompous idiots in Armani suits trying to retard development and bleed your nation. If you scratch the surface, you will see the face of some real evil.