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    by James

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    A Kroshik devilsaur can be found circling the filth-pool of Ihgaluk Crag. Nearby Skumblade tribe saurok will stop what they're doing and turn to face him if he is close.
    Occasionally, the Kroshik will die and will be dragged to the altar on the beach to be torn into by most members of the tribe. A few days later, a baby Kroshik will be born and can be found wandering the crag.

    Patch 5.2.0 is an upcoming content patch that will focus on the return of the Thunder King.

    The first World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria patch of 2013 is currently in development and this is your chance to see some of the things that are in the works. This patch will include a massive new raid dungeon, a multi-faceted new quest hub, Pet Battle improvements, new world bosses, significant class balance changes, brand new pets and mounts, assorted bug fixes, and more.

    Note: The Patch 5.2 PTR is not yet available, but you can feast your eyes on the latest version of the PTR patch notes below. Please keep in mind that these changes are not final, and a great deal could change before the final patch 5.2 release.
    Look for the 5.2 PTR to become available in early January!

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    WoW - PTR Patch 5.2 | Monk Spell -- Storm, Earth and Fire
    Music: World of Warcraft Soundtrack
    Music: David Orr -- Castle Crashers Theme

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