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    rocky speech

    KwiK DawG

    by KwiK DawG

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    Go Rocky GO Rocky GO Rocky!
    By jimhammons7 years ago
    KwiK DawG
    yes good matches yet i hear that the ufc will be getting some new competition comin in from the days when chuck got beat down by one of the supposed pride figters (the man with the chains heheh)...gonna be a good year for MMa i hope...the real men are still standing n the wonna b's are falling ta the side..
    MMA ALl the waYYyyyy....
    By KwiK DawG9 years ago
    Great Speech. Did u see you the awsome Pride Shockwave 2006 and UFC 66? both were great but, i was disappointed in the UFC 66 main event between Chuck Liddel and Tito Ortiz
    By dtena89 years ago