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    Animated Stories for Children Balram the God of Farmers & Krishna the Lord of Universe

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    Balaram is the elder brother of Lord Krishna. He is treated as the incarnation of Sheshnag. His weapon was a plough.He is also called 'Haldhar'.He is a protector from desires, the divinity of strength or the strength of the divine, symbolizing duty, honesty and simplicity. On the purnima or full moon of the month of Sridhara month Balarama, the elder brother of Lord Krishna appeared. This day is celebrated in Vrindavan and Mathura region.Over five thousand years ago today, Lord Balarama appeared in this world in the town of Gokula. Because he was drawn from Devaki's to Rohini's womb, He became known as Lord Sankarsana and because of His strength, He is known as Lord Balarama. Just as Lord Krishna appeared only after Lord Balarama, similarly one requires Lord Krishna's mercy only after attaining the mercy of Lord Balarama. Only by His strength, can one attain any type of self- realization.