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    Chinese Festival Features Shooting of Live Roosters

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    A Chinese festival features the shooting of living, bound roosters.

    Using animals for amusement has always drawn controversy but one incident seems to take things a bit too far.

    One particular game at an Ice Festival in China stunned tourists.

    Live roosters were tied upside down, by their feet to a wall of ice. Human participants could then practice archery using them as targets.

    Locals familiar with the scene grabbed their arrows and shot at the squirming roosters. However, many of the traveling visitors thought it was cruel and refused to have anything to do with it.

    Evidently, the spectacle is a common sight at the yearly festival, as it is a long-standing local custom in China where live roosters symbolize prey.

    Last year, another public event in China caused outrage. During the Temple Fair, tourists and residents pray at a Buddhist site. However the area is also filled with beggars during the event's duration. To help with the influx, officials set up relief areas.

    The stations provided shelter along with free food and water, but one aspect sparked major controversy. The metal bars surrounding the stations appeared to be a makeshift public jail or cage and the begging bowls were placed outside the posts.