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    How to Clip Nails in Space

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    See how astronauts clip their nails in space.

    Astronauts have to figure out seemingly creative ways to complete mundane tasks while in space. Recently, a video was released featuring Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield’s demonstration of how he clips his nails while away from planet Earth.

    The nail clipper of choice has a Velcro piece attached, which prevents the trimmer from floating around or hitting another person or piece of equipment. Hadfield then goes over to a duct which sucks in air. He begins clipping away and the nail remnants are sucked downwards to the vent, which means no pieces will become lodged in someone’s eye or accidentally inhaled.

    Everyday life for astronauts is completely different in space. Special trays hold food so it doesn't float away. Salt and pepper are available in liquid form, as they can't be sprinkled.

    Since there's no gravity, shuttle air flow directs waste to the bottom of the toilet. Solid excrement goes in sealed containers and is burned upon return to Earth.

    Although possible to sleep while floating, astronauts attach themselves to a seat or a bed.

    Getting dressed has to be done as quickly as possibly because limbs drift in the air at odd angles.