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    Confused Deer Joins Flock of Sheep

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A confused deer joins a flock of sheep.

    Animals keep on surprising us with their ability to adapt.

    A small red deer in Suffolk, United Kingdom has been eating, sleeping and essentially living with a flock of 100 sheep which reside on National Trust land.

    The flock’s shepherd, Andrew Capell states “I've been involved with sheep all my life but I've never seen deer interact with them. They seem to have accepted him as one of their own”.

    The National Trust hopes the young deer would re-join its own herd if they roam near the sheep again. This isn’t the only odd animal friendship.

    Recently, a stray female dog and a motherless doe developed a strong bond. For several months, the two unlikely companions met at a cemetery in Kansas city and roamed the grounds.

    Animal officials got wind of the two chummy, four-legged creatures and became worried that the dog couldn’t survive through the winter. They set up a trap to pick the dog up from the graveyard, so she could be trained and put up for adoption at a local shelter. The deer was right by her canine pal’s side up until authorities drove away.