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    New Kind of Tea Made From Coffee Plant

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    A new kind of tea is made from a coffee plant.

    A new kind of tea made from the leaves of the coffee plant has proved to be a healthier alternative to both traditional black and green teas, and the brewed beverage made from coffee beans.

    Botanists studying the compounds in the coffee leaf found that seven species of the plant had a lot of mangiferin, also found in mangoes, that is thought to have anti-inflammatory properties along with other health benefits like lowering cholesterol.

    The coffee plant leaves were found to contain less caffeine than brewed coffee beans or tea when researchers from Montpellier, France and the Royal Botanic Gardens in London, England worked together to analyze them as a substitute for the other drinks.

    There is evidence of the popularity of the coffee leaf tea in Ethiopia and South Sudan, Africa and in parts of Indonesia.

    Doctor Aaron Davies, a coffee expert and botanist who worked on the study said: “In 1851 people were touting it as the next tea and there were all these reports at the time about its qualities. I spent some time in Sudan and met a village elder who made it every day.”

    Would you drink tea made from coffee leaves?