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    White House Is Worth $300M

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    The White House is reportedly worth $300 million.

    The White House isn’t for sale, but the value of the historic landmark is estimated to have increased by 7 percent in the four years since the current President, Barack Obama, and his family moved in during January of 2009.

    The market value of the White House was calculated by the real estate website Zillow.

    When the Obama family moved in, the President’s house on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. was worth around 275 million dollars, and that number has increased to reach an estimate of around 294.9 million.

    Zillow also estimated the monthly mortgage payments, which came out to over a million dollars, and the monthly rent was estimated at 1 point 75 million.

    The value of the White House has been estimated before, even though it is government property and will not be sold on the private market.

    Other estimates give the price range for the White House at between 80 and 110 million dollars.

    The White house is a huge 55 thousand square foot property that features luxuries like a bowling alley, tennis court, movie theater, a swimming pool, and a garage that can fit up to 40 cars.