Citizen Arrests an Alleged Drunk Cop

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A citizen arrested a cop who was allegedly drunk.

Surely you have seen this picture before. Can the roles be flipped?

Recently, a man living in South Africa turned the tables, apprehending a cop who was allegedly intoxicated.

Russell George had been driving down a road in Pietermaritzburg when he witnessed a police van operating recklessly at high speed. When the police van suddenly stopped, George confronted the officer, but the authority figure rapidly drove off, only to stop again on another road.

The citizen contacted the area’s emergency number and waited several minutes for other officers to arrive but nobody showed up, so he took matters into his own hands. George stated “I then grabbed his keys, pulled him out and locked him in the back of his own van”.

The officer was soon detained and a spokesperson claims he will be charged for driving while under the influence.

Last year, another another citizen confronted a cop, but it didn’t turn out to well. The Michigan man, armed with several video camera pulled up alongside a police vehicle and shouted to the officer “You are required by law to wear your seatbelt. Put your damn seatbelt on!”

He told the cop to pull over, but it never happened. Legal officials sent the citizen a summons to appear in court for a charge of reckless driving.