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    The survival and resilience of a true blue blood iraqian haschemite princess throught a spirituality, bridge between christianity and islam/ build during its long road for survival with good true friends found on its road ignoring the dangers she was representing cause of her destiny, reveal the "twelve haschemite hadiths";
    all her life she was harassed, researched since its childhood cause of its roots like Moise annonced in th stars at her birth date, exploited with oil money but finanlly, by resilience, she has been able to do what God wanted: starting the building of 3 pyramids: a small, a middle and a big, with arts, ahimsa and forgivness; in this short movie, she has the same air of LADY DY who was her english correspondant during her childhood but she is brown skin like its brown grand-father King Faisal 2 of Iraq;