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    What IS an 'Assault Weapon' -- Facts and History the Media Will Never Tell You


    by US-2012

    What really is an "assault weapon"? What is the definition and characteristics of an "assault weapon"? Would you know one if you saw one? Why do some people want to try to make them illegal (in violation of the US Constitution)?

    The answers may surprise you.

    Alternate title: ending the political love affair with guns that don't exist; the "fauxsault weapon".

    "Most TV commentators who decry assault weapons imply that they are automatic — that you just pull the trigger and bullets start flying. Not so. It has been illegal to buy a machine gun on the open market in the United States for more than 80 years. However, you can obtain one under special permit and there are about 250,000 in private hands.

    Now here is something interesting: despite all those guns in private hands, there appears not to be a single instance of a legally owned machine gun being used to commit a crime throughout the entire 80 year period."

    In short, the entire issue of "assault weapons" is fake, and all the hype is based entirely on lies.