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    Rahul Gandhi at Jaipur AICC session: Congress is with DNA of entire Indians Part 02

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    Congress vice- President Rahul Gandhi while delivering his first speech at Congress' chintan shivir at the Jaipur on the concluding day said that the people of this country are his life and he will fight for them. "The people of India are my life and I will fight for the people of India and for this party. I will fight with everything I have. I invite all of you to stand up and take on this fight" said Rahul Gandhi amidst loud applauds.This was the energy behind our freedom movement. Voices.. millions and millions of voices.. Gandhiji's successors led by Jawar Lal Nehru freed voices of every Indian by ensuring the democracy and became the bedrock of our constitution. Relentlessly championing the voice of every Indian will always be the essence of the Congress party. Every single Indian, without seeing his caste or religion, will be supported by the Congress party... no matter who he is.. no matter where he is.. If he is an Indian we work for him.

    Let us look at the 60 years of India's successes. They have all come when we gave our people voice. The green revolution restored the voice of the farmers.. Bank nationalization restored the voice of the poor.. IT and telecom revolution literally gave the people voice for million and millions of people. If you have got the mobile phones in your phones in your pockets that was the result of that revolution.

    It is an honour that Manmohan Singh Ji is sitting here. Because he spearheaded another revolution.. In 1991 he unleashed the voice of thousands in the field of entrepreneurship and changed the country for ever..

    The UPA Government has followed Gandhi Ji's model. It has created platforms for those denied their voice in the political system. For the first time in our history our people have been guaranteed their basic rights; social and economic rights.. The food Bill will ensure that no mother sees her child goes hungry at night.. RTI gives every single Indian the right to personally take on the battle against corruption.. MNREGA has given millions of Indians pride in their work; The right to education enables every child to aspire to greatness. All of these radical innovations were possible only because of the growth provided by the Congress party and the UPA.